Benefits of affiliating to Sussex Netball.


The benefits of affiliating to England Netball have already been explained but if you affiliate through Sussex to England Netball then you pay a small contribution towards Sussex Netball. 

What benefits do you get from being a member of Sussex Netball? 

One of the main benefits is that you have access to a Committee consisting of volunteers within netball who are currently involved in the sport, some for over 40  years. The experience gained is priceless and means that we have a wealth of knowledge of everything netball! 

The committee also run a bursary scheme to help with courses you may wish to attend – providing you are a member of Sussex Netball you can access funds to assist you in umpiring and coaching. 

We will also do all we can to assist in the set up of new netball clubs within the county both Junior and Senior. 

Courses are run in the county for Sussex netball members which are subsidised i.e. first aid courses, coaching forums. 

In the past funds have been granted to assist in the improvements to many facilities in the county.