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Chair - Helen Willard

As Chair, Helen’s role is to oversee netball within the county and support the work of the county committee to develop netball in Sussex. As well as chairing county meetings Helen is the representative for the county at regional and national level (when called upon). Helen also leads on safeguarding in the county.


Contact Helen if you:

  • Want to know a general overview of what the committee is working on
  • Need to discuss any safeguarding concerns
  • Would like information on joining the committee


Treasurer - Lisa Packer

Lisa looks after the county’s accounts. You may come in to contact with Lisa if the county is supporting you with a bursary, you’re requesting payment for invoices, or you’re booking on to a workshop or course being run by the county


Contact Lisa if you:

  • Are expecting a payment
  • Require confirmation that a payment you’ve made has been received


Secretary - Shelia Martin

Sheila is the county secretary and currently looks after the paperwork behind the committee. Administration of the county meetings, notification to members of the AGM and all the general information requests in between. Sheila also looks after the administration of the county academies


Contact Sheila if you:

  • would like information from any of the county committee meetings
  • would like information relating to leagues or clubs in Sussex
  • are submitting a bursary application
  • Are unsure which member of the committee you need to speak to, or you have a general question for the county


Membership Secretary - Carly Gibbs

Carly is our membership secretary for the county. Carly’s role is to ensure the county is properly registered to the region and England Netball each season, and she administrate the system to ensure the right fees are added to the county portion of your membership.


Contact Carly if you:

  • Have a question about fees or membership to the county
  • Need support with the Engage membership system


You can access Engage here


Officiating Secretary - Kim Schepens

Kim is our officiating secretary and looks after all things officiating within the county. This includes keeping an up to date list of qualified umpires, booking written and practical assessments and coordinating umpires for the county round of national schools.  You’ll very often see her at your local leagues, supporting umpires with mentoring or assessments.


Contact Kim if you:

  • Have attended an officiating course and want to get started on your award
  • Would like to book your officiating award assessment
  • Want to know more about progressing to higher award levels, or regional umpiring
  • Would like to know more about becoming an umpire mentor or assessor


For officiating courses please head to the course finder here


Coaching Secretary - Tamsin Greenway

Tamsin has joined the committee as our coaching secretary and will be looking after all things coaching for the county. This will include building a database of Sussex coaches, delivering a range of coaching workshops and supporting the development of coaches at whatever stage of their qualifications they are at.


Contact Tamsin if you:

  • Have questions about development of coaches at your club, league, school
  • Want to know about any coaching opportunities coming up in the county


For England Netball coaching courses and workshops head to the course finder here


Performance Lead - Lisa Packer

Lisa is our performance lead for the county and oversees the county section of the England Netball performance pathway Lisa works with Sheila to coordinate the county run academies and has overall responsibility for the trials process. Lisa is also the county representative at meetings held by Surrey Storm as part of their Talent Management Group for the South East region


Contact Lisa if you:

  • Have questions about the performance pathway or trials process


Click here to read more about the England Netball performance pathway


Competitions Secretary - Tina Price

Tina has joined the committee as our competition secretary and will be responsible for the delivery of the county round of the England Netball national schools competition, as well as working with the Junior Steering Group and other committee members to develop a county league for Sussex.


Contact Tina if you:

  • Would like more information about the National Schools competition
  • Would like to know more about the county league
  • Are interested in running competition in the county and would like advice on the best way to do this


Development Secretary

As development secretary Stacey’s role is to support the projects being delivered by members of the committee. Stacey is also available to clubs and leagues for support and advice, and is a document verifier for DBS checks


Contact Stacey if you:

  • Would like support to grow your club or introduce a new club
  • Would like support in completing funding applications
  • Need members of your club to have a DBS check


Disciplinary Secretary - Stacey Boxall

As disciplinary Secretary, Stacey is responsible for acknowledging complaints and handles the administration of the disciplinary process within the county. This includes maintaining the disciplinary and appeals register for the county and calling upon members of the register, when required, to sit on disciplinary or appeals panels.


Contact Stacey if you:

  • Would like to join the disciplinary and appeals register
  • Need to escalate a disciplinary matter to the county
  • Need support to determine whether an action carried out by a member of your club / team / league constitutes a disciplinary offence


For more information about England Netball’s disciplinary framework click here




County Covid Officer - Rachel Hammond

Rachel has taken on the role of Covid Officer for the county this season, to support the safe return of netball within Sussex. Alongside offering guidance to the committee Rachel is a point of contact for club and league covid officers.


Contact Rachel if you:

  • Have any questions about England Netball’s Restart Guidance
  • You need some support or advice for completing your risk management plans
  • You have any questions relating to your club or league’s return to play plans


Media & Communications Officer - Natalie Park-Griffiths

Natalie has joined the committee as our fantastic new Media & Communications Officer. Taking charge of the new website and the county’s social media Natalie’s role is to share everything happening in Sussex with our members.


Contact Natalie if you:

  • Have a great news story you’d like to share
  • Think there’s something missing from the website that we can include
  • If you have information about club / league events you’d like us to share with the county

You can contact us at